The All New MacBook Pro

The Mac has always been dear to the hearts of Apple lovers but, over the last 7 years there hasn’t been much change to the Macbook Pro other than becoming smaller, faster and lighter.

Yes there have been lots of major improvements to the Mac operating system with new features such as: Siri, Touch ID and much more. However it is only this year that Apple have finally decided to revolutionise their laptop line.



The most striking feature of the new MacBook Pro is easily the new touchbar feature. This enables users to control their laptop like never before with application specific options that pop up when the user is using a certain app. One of the most fun applications to use is the messages app as not only does it have the predicted text as on the iDevices but also the emoji keyboard has came to the Mac.

Another issue that was a major issue a few years back was the lack of continuity between non apple phones and their Macs but now with the latest software you can not only accept calls and texts but the touchbar add a much easier more effective way of controlling them.

Here is the Apple promo for the latest MacBook Pro:


We hope that the Macbook Pro is as good as it seems but we will be reviewing it soon so stay updated by checking back often to hear all the latest information about the new technology.



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