The Return of the Nokia 3310

Nokia has always been one of the most recognisable mobile phone companies but do you remember why? Most of you will be too young to remember the year 2000 but this was the year that Nokia released the handset 3310.

It was loaded with a ton of state of the art features of the time, but what most people will remember vividly will be the hours they spent on the novelty game “Snake”. Nokia haven’t given up on their smartphone line and they do say that this is their main focus, however I do believe that this new product will be a statement that will let the public remind themselves that Nokia were here way before Samsung, Apple and Microsoft decided to make phones.

Here is an image of what the new 3310 will look like:



The New Nokia will of course have amazing battery life but is also loaded with a ton of features including: 2MP Camera, A Headphone Jack, Mp3 and FM Radio, 2G Connectivity and 16 MB storage plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GB.

The Phone as of yet is only set to release with a USD price of $49 but once it has had an official release date we are certain it will be a worldwide success even if it doesn’t force everybody to go back to basics, but we are pretty confident that it will encourage a lot of people.

Check back soon for more updates regarding the latest technology.

Written By RJ Edwards

(Head Editor)


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