Moving On

For this project, I will be documenting my life from here I have came from to where I am now and then where I hope to go to in the future this will include: Childhood, Eduction, Friendships and Hobbies and past projects that I have worked on. This will be a rather interesting project as I will be able to show people aspects of my life that most people probably don’t know about and also show projects from the past that has helped me get where I am now. I will comment heavily on my passion for Journalism as this is my main focus however I will talk about my career changes in the past from wanting to go into Music and then once I took Graphic design in high school, I learned that was the direction for me as it is what I felt most passionate about.

Where can I start, ever since I was little I have always wanted to do something big whether it was music, dance, writing, art, it really didn’t matter to me. My earliest memory of a career path was when I was in primary school and it was just like any other day however, this was the day that we received letters about piano tuition. At first being a child I thought it was silly but then I thought that I would ask and see if I could do it, to my surprise I took to the piano very quickly and this would probably be what first ignited my passion for making music.


This wasn’t what started my interest in music however, this begun when I was in year 2 and I received my first album. I fondly remember asking a lot of questions as back then I really did not know that you could buy music and keep it, I thought it was only available on the radio and that you coul

My First Album Britney Spears – In the Zone

d not choose what you listened to. Naive as that sounds, I really didn’t understand a lot about music then but what did fascinate me the more I started buying more CDs were the artwork and the booklets that came with them. This is what I would also started my passion for Graphics and growing up I spent a lot of time designing my own albums which eventually I got much better at.


Fast-forwarding a few years, when I was in high school, this is when my interest in english took over, and I started reading a lot more than I had ever done in the past, my most vivid memory was when I was reading three books at once. As time went on I started wanting to write my own books but it wasn’t until I got my first typewriter in 2015 that I really gave it a go.

Graphics design was another interest of mine as I mentioned briefly before, but I never bothered much with it until I started Graphic design in year 10. This led to me being able to show off all the skills that I had learnt growing up and making me feel as though I need to go into something to do with graphic design and writing as these two aspects felt like the right way to go. When I finished my GCSE’s in 2014, I went like most people do straight into Sixth Form and didn’t think anything of it, although I would say this was my biggest mistake of my education as I ended up with barely anything after a year of it. there were some positives that came out of Sixth form however including: I learnt that I was good at designing in product design but the production side of making physical objects was not the best. I learnt that I had a passion for drawing but I hated paint, I learnt that music was a bad choice to take as my

skills were not as good as others and so that was when I decided to keep that as a hobby rather than a career choice and finally when I took English language, I found that I was actually the only person in the class that seemed to actually want to write articles and essays and this was also when my passion for etymology started.

Me when I went to Sixth From in 2014 to 2015

French was also an aspect that has stuck to me from primary school right up to pr
esent day, as I feel that I have a connection with the language in some way, I love t
o speak it however, I never get the chance to use it these days being in a predominately english-speaking country, although, my study of higher level french really did improve my english skills as it helped me to understand and and dissect words that I would use every day but never thought
about where they came from, this also synchronised with my etymology in english language.

Going back to the days of high school, I feel my personal life was mainly affect study wise when I took history and learnt about the 20th century. This greatly led to my passion for old things and especially old technology from typewriters to record players. If you ask anybody that knows me they will tell you that I am obsessed with everything vintage.

Straying away from the career side of things, I have met many people in my life, some I will cherish forever some I am glad to see the back of them but I feel that you have to have that variety to become a well-rounded person in adulthood.

Going back to the beginning, when I was younger my friendship group was rather small as I never liked going out and playing with most of the children as they always wanted to do really stupid immature things, so when I was allowed to stay in and do work through break and lunchtimes I loved it. I have had many different friends through my life, some of which have remained and are still present and some went as quick as they came.

Family is another major part of my life that has changed a lot from when I was younger. Growing up was great for the most part but a lot did change as I grew up with parts of my family severing connections and with family deaths. The saddest phase in my life, family wise, was my auntie dying in 2015 before I turned 18 as she always supported me throughout my life and I just would have liked her to see me now.

The other key event that happened recently in my life was at the start of 2016 when I was diagnosed with Aspergers autism, this was rather shocking to me but I did feel that I was different to people and at least now I feel as though I know why where as when I was younger there was always something different about me as I was not at all like most of the other children.

After I dropped out of sixth from in 2015, I applied for college where I knew straight away that I wanted to go into Journalism, the course really did let me expand as an individual, although it did have its drawbacks with the structure of the days being completely off compared to sixth form and the fact that we could wear whatever we wanted, I did l

First Year in College

ike this but I also did missed the formality of wearing smart casual wear. Overall I have learnt rather a lot in college and I will defiantly miss it especially the people that I have met whilst being here, but I feel that I am completely ready for my next phase and it will be a brand new chapter in my life, new people and a completely different work style.

My hopes for the future are, next year I would love to do work experience focusing on becoming a journalist and I will be volunteering a lot of the time and hope to find placements in newspaper and magazine companies. After this I plan to go to university either in Chester or Liverpool as they are the closest to home. I originally wanted to move away however since I have a place of my own now I would like to keep it as it has given me my own independence and I have learned a great deal of life skills from it including: budgeting, cookery, cleaning and organisation.

Currently the hobbies that I have at the moment include: Cycling, reading, writing, listening to music and technology. Cycling is the first hobby, this is one that I have a had for as long as I can remember and my first memory of riding a bike was with my grandad on the park when he was teaching me to ride an action man bike that I can still vividly remember. The next hobby is reading, I love murder mysteries but I also like romance, horror and biographies. My favourite book of all time was “Miranda Hart – Is it just me?” this was the funniest book I have ever read and I felt as though I could relate to lots of moments in the book also. Writing like I mentioned before is another hobby of mine that has always been in my life whether I am writing a short story or a set of new lyrics for a song that I am writing I love to hand write but I also love using typewriters, each of these utilities I love to use in their own way as they fascinate me with the way that they produce the same documents but with a different method of production.

The next hobby of mine is listening to music, I love music and I always have done but nowadays I have a much broader range of knowledge on music as I have been collecting many formats for many years from CDs to Vinyl to cassette tapes. Finally the last hobby of mine is technology, I adore technology from any era as I find it great to see how it has changed over the years, this is why I love to collect a variety of different pieces as I feel that most people forget about past technology and only focus on the future when sometimes looking back is more exciting than forwards.

After university, I plan to gain a full time job from it and hopefully then if I can afford it I will be able to learn to drive again as I feel that this is an essential for being in the journalism and media industry. I do not know how my life will turn out in the end but I hope that I am able to complete the entire eduction process successfully without any troubles but one never knows what will happen in the future.

I thank you for taking the time to read my article as it is the first time I have properly opened up about some of these things and it has been fascinating to think about the links from when I was a child to now that have made me into the person that I am today.

Please look forward to my documentary coming soon!


Written By RJ Edwards

(Head Editor)


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