Music Central Magazine

Taken from the skills I learnt from the Vintage magazine earlier this year, I have now produced this new magazine “Music Central Magazine” please click on the link below and have a read of it yourself and any feedback will be welcome Advertisements

Moving On

For this project, I will be documenting my life from here I have came from to where I am now and then where I hope to go to in the future this will include: Childhood, Eduction, Friendships and Hobbies and past projects that I have worked on. This will be a rather interesting project as…

A New Chapter!

I would like to take this time to thank you all for reading my blog so far I am very grateful for it. Today is marking the first day of my new venture into writing my first publishable novel,

The All New MacBook Pro

The Mac has always been dear to the hearts of Apple lovers but, over the last 7 years there hasn’t been much change to the Macbook Pro other than becoming smaller, faster and lighter.

The Return of the Nokia 3310

Nokia has always been one of the most recognisable mobile phone companies but do you remember why? Most of you will be too young to remember the year 2000 but this was the year that Nokia released the handset 3310.


Dear Readers,

I would like to welcome you to my new website